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Gear Reviews

It's not always easy traveling 24/7, living in a van and finding ways to blog about it. This is the gear that gets us there and our opinions of it.
August 23, 20119 years ago

MSR PackTowl Personal and Nano

Towels... wait, seriously?  A review on towels?  Yes.  If these were any regular towel, I don't think they'd be worthy of review, but the MSR towels are anything but regular.  Think Super Shammy meets Bear Grylls.  Currently, we own 4 MSR towels: 2  Packtowl Personals (Size Large) and 2 PackTowl Nanos (Size Small).  For those who just found this blog, there's two things you must know about us: 1) We live in a van.  2) We love to go backpacking, camping and such.  When making selections as to which equipment we're going to use, there's a few of things we always have to keep in mind: space, weight and effectiveness.  As far as I'm concerned, the MSR towels accomplish all three.
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June 23, 20119 years ago

Julbo Nomad Sunglasses

Most of Julbo eyewear is geared towards the sun- seeking extreme sports such as mountaineering, climbing, etc.  Although the Nomads with the Spectron 4 lens are one of the extreme sunglass models in their collection, I've adapted them into my everyday living. Because of my eye condition, Achromatopsia, the extent of my light sensitivity can be unbearable and debilitating. The Spectron 4 is a Category 4 lens, which means they're as dark or darker than many states' legal limit for car window tints. Only letting in about 5% of light brings some sense of mobility and has pushed me to doing things I once believed impossible.   Read more
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May 4, 201010 years ago

Vibram Five Fingers

All those who know us will understand the need for this review.  We live in our Five Fingers.  We are huge advocates for these unique shoes and we're definitely not alone.  There's good reason that these monkey shoes have such a huge cult following.

I first found these shoes from a tweet by Tim Ferriss.  The second I saw them, I didn't care what they were for, I just had to have them.  Funny looking?  Sure, but I didn't care - I thought they were sweet.  As I prepared myself to purchase my first pair, the analytical nature in me took over and I began to research to funky little toe shoes.  During my research I learned that these were not any ordinary shoe, they were super shoes - or more appropriately super "anti-shoes". Read more