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Reawakening the Inner Nerd at Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X

Interestingly enough, we never fancied ourselves as "comic con goers".  In fact we'd never really taken much interest in any comic con ever.  Which is exactly why we were open to it when a family member suggested that we apply to be on Salt Lake Comic Con's Fan X Media Team.  We're always open to new experiences and given the fact that we travel slowly on a low budget, people watching is certainly one of our fortes.  That being said, Salt Lake Comic Con's Fan X has some of the best people watching on the planet!  Ok... maybe this is a little more down our alley that we knew.  

As a member of Gen X, I grew up as an open nerd.  I spent a massive chunk of my childhood playing video games on just about every platform available, reading comics while learning to draw by re-drawing some of my favorites, and spending countless hours watching the now classic X-Men and Spiderman cartoons on Fox on Saturday mornings.  As I grew older, the intensity of my interest in these things waned and I began to focus on "important" things like career and money.  Upon entering Fan X, the nerd in me was instantaneously reawakened.  I realized that I recognized which characters almost every cosplayer was portraying.  I noticed so many new, cool, and unusual art styles as we perused Artist Alley.  There were so many intriguing sites to see, it was hard to take it all in.  Oh yeah, then there's this media thing...

As part of the official Media Team for FanX, we were granted access to (almost) every facet of this massive convention.  We were assigned specific panels to cover with either photos, video, or both.  Aside from that, our job was to capture the essence of the convention in which ever way best suited our style.  This experience proved equally as stressful as it was fun.

Given the fact that our primary assignment was video, we weren't able to capture too many photos.  Here are a few of the favorites that we and our Media Team partner, Saralee Johnston were able to shoot:

Ready to watch some video?  Click any of the links below and enjoy!

FanX 2014 Highlights FanX 2014 Kid Con FanX 2014 Venue FanX 2014 Cosplay

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