Exploring Idaho's City of Rocks

We rolled into Almo Idaho around 1AM and came immediately realized something... we don't exactly know how or where to stealth camp in the van when in small towns!  Somehow small town cops weird us out a lot more than big city cops and our comfort in having an explanation as to why we're sleeping in our van is greatly diminished.  After much debate and a bit of driving around, we decided to park at a pullout just outside the city limits of Almo with the intention to vacate early in the morning.  We successfully slept through the night without harassment and headed into the City of Rocks around 6AM to finish our night's sleep among the mountains and crazy rock formations.  

After waking a few hours later, we readied ourselves for the day and spent the rest of it exploring the various formations that the City of Rocks has to offer.  Unfortunately, it just left us wishing we weren't still recovering from injuries as it seemed the best way to enjoy the City of Rocks was to be climbing on them 🙁  Rather than writing too much about our experience here, I'll defer you to the video below for all the nitty-gritty details.  Photos?  Yeah... about that... so in the crazy mix of organizing our mass amounts of video and picture files, I somehow deleted all of our City of Rocks photos except for the one you see above this post!  Sad day for everyone.  Oh well, hopefully you at least enjoy the video!

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