The Road Home Part 2: The Tennessee Two-Day

From North Carolina we moved on to Tennessee to explore the town of Chattanooga.  In particular, this was because I was reading book American Gods by Neil Gaiman and two Chattanooga tourist attractions play a prominent role in the book:  Rock City and Lookout Mountain.  We had hopes of visiting the attractions but found them to be out of our budget.  Instead, we enjoyed checking out the cool bridges, architecture, graffiti, and relaxing to the cool vibe we felt from the people of the city (Check out a few of our pics at the  bottom of this post).

After a day in Chattanooga, we headed to Nashville to spend the night.  It seemed that most of the action in town could be found on Music Row, which reminded us of a sort of Red Light District for country music.  The various bars and clubs would have the bands play right in the front windows, allowing potential patrons to window shop for their musical experience of choice.  We also enjoyed wandering around the city's courthouse and taking lots of pictures (see below).  At the end of the day, we found ourselves delighted to be sleeping in the van again for the first time in several months and used one of our stealth camping tricks of sleeping in a hotel parking lot.

The next day was spent in Memphis.  Once we rolled into town, it was obvious that Beale Street was the place to be.  The air was alive with the sounds of blues and the smells of beer and barbecued things.  We were lucky enough to come across a free music performance in a plaza on Beale Street and enjoyed soaking up a bit of sun and blues.   Once we'd had our fill of Mephis and the blues, it was back in the van and on the road to Arkansas...

Check out our pics from Tennessee below!

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