The Road Home Part 1: The Vagabloggers Work?

Well it only took us a year to finally compile all the video clips but at last, we're pleased to bring you the first of our 8 part series documenting our trip from North Carolina back to our home state of Utah.

After returning from our 3 month long backpacking trip in Costa Rica, we found ourselves back in North Carolina and anxious to be back in our van and back on the road.  We definitely realized that we'd come to view the van as our home.  We'd rather live in it that any other "conventional home".  Upon our return, we had to face the grim fact that our bank account was nearly drained and we needed to find work.  I ended up finding a summer job with a marketing company based in Utah.   We needed to return to Utah for 2 weeks of training and then would head to St. Louis to work for the summer.  We spent 11 days trekking quickly (for us) across the country and did our best to capture the sights as we zoomed through.

Hitting the road once again was bittersweet as we knew we would miss our dear friends in North Carolina.  Check out the video above to see our transition back to the van and first day on the road and stay tuned as we bring you the remaining 7 chapters in this grand adventure.


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