The Costa Rica Chronicles: Nutrition - What Did We Eat?

Episode 3 of our video series documenting our 3 month vagabonding adventure to and through Costa Rica. In this episode: We share how we ate while in Costa Rica, discuss our budget, and give a quick "ant removal tip" ūüôā Enjoy! ¬†

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A quick disclaimer/explanation about the ant situation: in many places in Costa Rica, bugs are inevitable.  Which means they will inevitably end up in your food at one point or another.  When trying to stay on budget, one can't necessarily afford to throw away large bags of rice just because of a few ants... hence the freezer trick.  We heard plenty of other fun stories involving bugs and food.  One of our favorites:  a spider happened to settle at the bottom of a cake pan and a friend of ours unknowingly poured cake batter over it and threw the cake in the over.  When she removed the cake from the pan and flipped it, she discovered the now crisp 8-legged cake accessory.  What did she do?  Certainly not throw away a perfectly good cake!  She carefully cut the spidery section from the bottom of the cake, flipped it back over, frosted it, and served a delicious "spider free" cake!  

More about the money -- As stated it the video, our budget was $150 per month for two people combined.  We actually never went over budget, only slightly under.  We've since tried to maintain our Costa Rican style of cooking on the road and have been moderately successful.  Obviously we can't keep large amount of fresh produce in the van without a refrigerator, but small amounts of produce can be picked up with the intent to prepare the same day.  We don't really follow any recipes when cooking, just make things up out of the ingredients on hand.  With that being said - if you see something here that looks tasty and you'd like our "recipe" for it, let us know in the comments and we'll be glad to oblige.

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