Swells of Change on Jacó Beach

Pulled to the ocean early in the morning around 1:00 am, I found myself almost completely alone. Sitting on the sand with a palm tree stump at my back, I could sense even before it was physically validated, I wasn't the only one awake. Only sighting a male walking alone and busy texting away, I was the only human enjoying this section of the beach. So for the most part I was left in peace and only interrupted on occasion by the neighboring hotel security guard making his rounds, and a few passing cars. It was a bonding time for me, the ocean, the moon, as well as the sand beneath my feet.  

Only after a few mediocre swells broke, I glanced to my side with intention of staying aware of my surroundings. Instantly an utmost eerie sensation overwhelmed my body. The ocean had seemingly been silenced for a split second and quickly grabbed my attention back to the open water. The waves had nearly come to a stand still, but my chest tightened with a feeling of change -something big. Is this a simple turn in currents or is it something building up inside of me? Could I just be using this natural event to propel myself forward into a much needed twist? I chose to let it be with that single thought, as not to let my mind go wild and breed unnecessary fear and/or expectations. Change comes and goes in nature, so why should I overanalyze it or fight it from presenting itself?

As I sat with a lingering ponder of change, the swells had indeed grown much larger and their intervals were much closer together. I watched a wave raise from the surface, gleaming from the nearly full moon and then quickly covered by its own shadow on its pending return which sprayed a line of white froth across the ocean. Within the hour, which I assumed to be much longer, a storm began rolling in from the horizon. The mountains on both sides of the cove became surrounded by a layer of marine fog followed by an ominous dark cloud overtaking the moon and clear skies. It must have been active in the distance, because the waves doubled in intensity. After a regular set would wash out, the ocean would dramatically recede and with a short wait, would crest a larger wave only to be swallowed by a wave proceeding right on its tail with greater force. The tide would return to the beaches to begin the next cycle.

It took me another half an hour to peel my attention away from the powerful ocean to make my way back to the room. I stirred Josh from his sleep. Overly amused, I tried to share my ordeal. My attempt ended partially in vain as he couldn't bring himself around to understand, nor mutter a sentence in a comprehensible matter. With a sigh, I turned to my side and drifted quickly away.

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