7 Things We Like About Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha. First of all, that's just a cool name for a city (and even cooler when you hear the local Wisconsinites say it). Second of all, it's just a cool city and definitely one of our favorite little places in the U.S.. Why? We'll tell you...

Kenosha is a quaint little town that sits right up against the edge of Lake Michigan in Southern Wisconsin. It's conveniently located about half way between Milwaukee and Chicago. It's rich history, old architecture and warm, welcoming people made it an absolute pleasure to visit.

A couple of interesting facts and cool things we liked about Kenosha:

1) It is in the Guiness Book of World Records for highest number of bars per capita (Couldn't confirm whether this is still true, but a fun fact either way). Just ask anyone in town. They seem to be quite proud of the fact.

2) People in Kenosha talk funny (ok, maybe not all of them, but we ran in to a lot of people with really entertaining accents).

3) They have 2 really cool and really free museums 

-The Dinosaur Discovery Museum: A little small, but contains the largest collection of meat-eating dinosaur skeletons anywhere in the country.

-The Public Museum: Very well done displays documenting the history of dinosaurs and other animals throughout the history of the world as well as an awesome section teaching you about the indigenous people who inhabited the area before white people arrived. It also contains the largest set of wooly mammoth bones ever discovered... truly awe-inspiring.

4) It's home to Kemper Hall, an neat and very old Catholic girl's boarding school built in 1855
5) A storm had recently ripped through (the very same storm we experienced in Iowa, in fact) and uprooted some massive trees in a small section of town near Lake Michigan
6) The people we stayed with were awesome. We CouchSurfed at a house with our new friend Abby and her 8 college roommates, all of whom seemed to be very cool. A few of our favorite things about this house were:

-Staying up till the wee hours of the morning, listening to vinyl records and chatting with our new, and very genuine friend, Slim.

-The house rule: At a certain designated time, everyone in the house must wear a funny hat (provided) or GET THE F--K OUT!

-The Zombie Bathroom

7) It's just too much fun to say Kenosha with a heavy Wisconsin accent.

Pics?  Yes, we got pics!  Check 'em out:


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