Homelessness Redefined: Life at The Gap

When we made the comment on Facebook that we were "officially homeless", it seemed that other people didn't want to accept the fact.  We got responses like "your home just has wheels" and "home is where you set your backpack".  Although we appreciate the comforting sentiments, we're actually thrilled to death to be "homeless".

Life has taken a very exciting turn.  We found a home to be something that just tied us down to a particular location.  Without a home, we can now travel and look for "Base Camp" instead.  What an adventure!  As we ventured out into the big bad world with no official home, we decided to make The Green Valley Gap our first official base camp.  As we still had to commute back and forth into town for a month, we found it easiest to just sleep in the van during the weeknights and then set up the tent & camp during the weekends.

We've really had a great time here and in a sense, it will be tough to leave.   Some of the highlights while living at The Gap have been:
Hiking out to The Gap Boulders for some fun
Cooking in our makeshift "Kitchen Cave" while at The Gap Boulders
Setting up our weekend home in a cave
Going for a gorgeous full moon hike to a point overlooking St. George, Washington and Bloomington
Rock climbing at The Green Valley Gap (of course)
The long walk up and down our "driveway" to town each day (5 miles round trip).
There were way too many good pics to fit in this post, so here's a little slideshow of the rest:
So... what's next?  Good question.  We're thinking we might like to spend a couple weeks in Zion National Park but who knows?  Guess you'll just have to follow along to find out...
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