June 23, 2011 Posted by Meisha in Gear Reviews

Julbo Nomad Sunglasses

Most of Julbo eyewear is geared towards the sun- seeking extreme sports such as mountaineering, climbing, etc.  Although the Nomads with the Spectron 4 lens are one of the extreme sunglass models in their collection, I've adapted them into my everyday living. Because of my eye condition, Achromatopsia, the extent of my light sensitivity can be unbearable and debilitating. The Spectron 4 is a Category 4 lens, which means they're as dark or darker than many states' legal limit for car window tints. Only letting in about 5% of light brings some sense of mobility and has pushed me to doing things I once believed impossible.  Rock climbing, skiing, hiking are just a few of the activities that came about after feeling confident in navigating the city with much more ease than my previous sunglasses - the Oakley Straight Jacket. The lens darkness is only the beginning of my checklist for near-perfect sunglasses. The tint color, shape and coverage can be just as important. The Spectron 4 lens is stated to be a brown tint.  Although I can't see color, different lens colorations may effect the sensitiviy of light and seem to be different for everyone. I find the brown hue used in the Spectron 4 to be pleasant and it reduces my squinting and frequency of blinking.
The Nomad frames are perefect for my small head and wrap tightly around to give decent protection from the sun. Added coverage is given with removable side sheilds, which I ALWAYS have attached. As no pair of frames can be perefect unless customarily molded to each individual, I find the Nomads to be the best fit I've ever tried. My only comlpaint is in order to have an anti fog/anti mist lens in the Nomads, you must go with a photocromatic lens, Zebra lens. As the Zebra does go to them same degree of darkness as the Spectron 4s, they don't seem to get there in regular sunny conditions. I will wear my dark glass nearly from sunrise to sunset, as well as overcast days and can't get by when the lens decides not to be at it's darkest. If you found this review helpful and would like to try the Julbo Nomads for yourself, we'd appreciate it if you purchase them through one of the following links:   
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