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The random ramblings and reminiscences that run through our heads as we traverse the globe in search of adventure.

Travelling Tree

As Josh takes pictures at Fisher Towers, I find a flat rock by an old Juniper tree at the edge of the gravel parking lot. Sitting and staring into the abyss of towering cliffs, I begin to study the tree. The thought arises that a tree will stay in one spot on this world for it's entire growing existence and appear to be completely content with this. Could I survive life in this manner?

Then a profound thought arose; I am living a life of the tree. Trees will explore their surroundings for life-giving nutrients and will root where they need to be. My travels are just laying my roots and I will go as far as I need to find growth.

I became one with the tree.

San Francisco Day 1: Through Meisha's Eyes

Leaving our Vegas hotel seemed extremely easy and left a feeling of forgetfulness.  In reality, I was just used to packing much more for this kind of trip.  Getting to the airport was a breeze, as well as getting to our gate.  Giving ourselves two hours was unnecessary, but gave us plenty of people watching time.  My favorite was a man waiting for the same flight.  He was walking around talking on his cell phone, when he turns his back to us and with his free hand reaches deep into his underwear to scratch his behind.  Josh and I were shocked and very disappointed not to catch this act on camera, a few times!!  I hope he washed his hands before holding the baby he strolled onto the plane. Read more