The Road Home Part 3: Big Dam Arkansas

After two all-too-short days spent in Tennessee, it was back on the road for us with Arkansas in our crosshairs.  We drove all day and found ourselves in Little Rock that night.  We drove around downtown Little Rock looking for something to do on our zero dollar budget with no luck in particular.  Finding ourselves with nothing to do in a city we knew nothing about, we decided to "stay in" for the night and just hang out in the van.   We drove around looking for a nice place to stealth camp for the night and ended up trying out a new idea - we came across a large office building with many lights still on which meant people worked there through the night.  Upon further investigation, we found that the parking lot didn't seem to require any sort of permit which meant we'd be able to stay the night and blend in as a simple employee or maintenance vehicle.  The plan worked well and we enjoyed an evening of ramen noodles, relaxing, and watching a few Ted Talks on the iPad before bed.

As morning came, we decided we should try and at least find something to do while in Little Rock, so we began searching for free activities and attractions.  The best and most interesting thing we could find was The Big Dam Bridge, the world's largest pedestrian bridge which stretches across the Arkansas River.  We arrived at the bridge later that morning and took our time eating breakfast and "bathing" van dweller style using our No Rinse Soap.  The weather that morning brought quite a bit of wind, leaving us with a breathtaking cloud-filled sky which complimented the visual landscape of the bridge.  Rather than describe the bridge with my words here, it's probably best just to refer you to the video above or the pictures below 🙂  

Once we'd had our big damn fill of the Big Dam Bridge, it was right back into the van and back on the road and on to Oklahoma...

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