Zombie Outbreak in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Upon hearing reports of an immanent zombie infestation near the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, we did what any good adventure bloggers would do -- we drove straight there and risked life, limb, and brains to capture the action!  

When we arrived at the scene downtown, a certain unease lingered in the air like a stale fart.  Perhaps that was the smell of rotting flesh, it was a bit hard to tell.  A few unassuming tourists wandered the grounds of Temple Square completely oblivious to the chaos that was about to ensue.  We readied our cameras alongside a few other rogue photographers and prepared to capture the action.  We were staked out at the Eagle Gate on South Temple and scared to death.  Would we escape with our limbs and brains intact?  We had no way of knowing, but it seemed it was our duty to be there and share our video and pictures with the world.

Rumors were circulating that this outbreak was somehow related to a Mormon Temple ritual known as "baptisms for the dead".  No one could be sure and we heard no official word from the church leadership, but it seems a group may have formed an event known as the Salt Lake City Zombie Walk to cover up the evidence, leaving plenty of room for speculation and skepticism.  

Suddenly, a horde of bloodied and decayed zombies appeared on the horizon and horrified screams could be heard coming from within and around the crowd.  Then next several hours began to blur as we ducked, tucked, rolled, dived, dodged, while keeping the cameras rolling and snapping.  We could feel the hot zombie breath on our faces and shuddered as the stench of half-eaten brain permeated the air.  The following footage and photos are the result of these efforts:

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So now that chaos and disease are spreading through the streets of Utah faster than Usain Bolt, what can you do to save yourself?  Notify everyone you know as quickly as possible by sharing this post via Facebook, Twitter, or your preferred social network.  Thank you and good luck...

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