Travel Provoked Thought: I Can Do It Later

Ah, the fatal mentality of deciding to put things off.  Before leaving a considered "normal life" and hitting the open road to live in a van we found ourselves always thinking if we had more time we would.....  Now that we don’t have a “job” taking up all of that free time, what we do with it becomes the center of concern.

We don’t want to over-blog our way through this adventurous lifestyle and forget to actually experience it, but we also don’t want it to slip away.  Both Josh and I have a desire to share our life with others to not only inspire them, but inspire ourselves.   

So, what’s the problem you may be wondering?  I find myself wondering the same thing sometimes.  It’s this: every day we wake up thinking we should find something fun to do in whatever foreign location we have settled in for the moment and the desire for productivity looms our minds.  We keep putting off other things we really want to do knowing we should be going through pictures and sorting them, taking the time to write about the day, blogging to provide tips on how to live like we do (or at least give an example), etc.  

We then find ourselves sitting around “trying” to take care of the overwhelming overload of things put aside only to be left feeling unsatisfied with the day.  The night ends with us asking each other "What did we really get done today?", with the answer typically being "Not much, but we should have done............".  

It seems like a losing battle, but we are working hard on finding that true balance: a healthy amount of productivity (of the tedious aspects of things we enjoy) and the excitement of new experience and thrills.


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