Costa Rica Gets Real: Time to Breathe.

The sky was not the only thing weeping yesterday.  Just getting somewhat lost took me out of any kind of positivity.  I couldn't take going back to a place we found comfort in combined with the difficulty of getting back there.  How are we going to make this work?  We have failed to find places to stay and everyone we meet has a surprised reaction to learn of our plans to stick in Costa Rica for 90 days.  This could be due to our limited understanding of Spanish and/or our lack of plans.  Then we are told of the dangers that lurk at night in areas less traveled.  It seems almost everyone has had their own experience or knows someone who has been robbed.  

We're feeling the pressure of walking the fine line between comfort/safety and adventure of the unknown.  We didn't come into this as naive gringos, thinking we would be in a tropical paradise and treated as royalty.  We didn't just think about losing everything, but have actually discussed a few scenarios and the actions we would take in such a case.  Yes, we are carrying things worth enough to feed a family for months, but we had already let go of so much of our stuff, that it seemed illogical to worry about "stuff".  Here, we have been faced with real scenarios:  We talked to a French couple who were taken hostage for three hours and stripped of the electronics, jewels and credit cards.  With knifes to their throats and wrists, they were forced to give up their credit card PIN numbers.  They had lost the majority of their valuables, but came out of it alive and quite shaken up.  We also stayed with a local Tico who was mugged at 9:00AM while riding bikes with two friends.  The bikes were taken, but they were left relatively unharmed.

Things like these bring our minds to reality and we are faced with constant decisions about our travel methods.  Do we take time to plan out our travel and only go where we can find shelter or do we take our chances and move where the flow takes us.  There is a large chance that we could become victims either way and find ourselves retreating to the place we found comfort in.  It is apparent that we still have some material attachments to face.  Even just being limited on internet and cellular use opens up our dependency issues.  How do we survive without them and become free of living a technological lifestyle?  I don't want to shy away from every kind of modernization, but I don't want to be lost in a binary-electric-fuel consuming dependency.  Letting go will be the most difficult part and maybe breaking away from the progressive "norm" will prove to have many challenges.  But wouldn't it be harder to unwillingly have to step back?  The Earth has its own ways and doesn't care how futuristic and adapted anything is.  It moves as it needs without a schedule.

We have a lot to think about and only a short time to implement.  Maybe that is the problem, too much thought and too little action.  We need to make swift and decisive actions as the flow of life moves and changes in the blink of an eye.  I am ready to let go, but fear my capabilities.  Can I trust my judgements or actually make a decision?  Then again there are two of us... can we find ourselves feeling the same rhythm?  I guess as the saying goes, only time will tell.  I just need to remember to breathe.

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