Cheap Travel Food Recipe: Cheesy Creamy Potato 'n' Broccoli Soup

So how does one eat when living in a van with no refrigerator or cooler?  Surprisingly... quite well!  Being van dwellers and backpackers, space, weight and budget are always limited, making dehydrated foods a typical theme for our meals.  Wait, isn't "dehydrated meal" synonymous with "tastes like crap"?  With a little experimentation and the proper dehydrated veggies and meat-ish bits, the answer is a resounding NO!  We thought we'd put together a little video showing you one of our typical meals and just what goes into it.  How's it taste?  We think it's delicious, but don't take our work for it.  Try it yourself!  

The ingredients:

Dehydrated Broccoli (One handful per person)
Dehydrated Onions (Half handful per person)
Chickenish Bits (One handful per person)
Instant Mashed Potatoes (We use Idahoan Four Cheese - 1/4 packet per person)
Cayenne Pepper (One teaspoon-ish per person)
Salt to taste
Water (1.5-2 cups per person)


Add water, broccoli, onions, chickenish bits, cayenne pepper & and salt together in a pot
Bring to a boil
Simmer for 3 minutes
Add potatoes, stir, serve & enjoy!   See?  Easy!

So... where do you get all these awesome dehydrated veggies and meat-ish bits?  Glad you asked!  Click the link below.  Full disclosure:  We do get a commission from your purchases, so if you're at all interested in dehydrated food products, support those who support us!  *Wink wink*

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