Breaking News: Alien Activity in Indianapolis!

Article from: The Vagabloggers News Network- 

This just in:  While wandering at 100 Acres Art & Nature Park just outside of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, it seems the Vagabloggers have discovered some very strange alien activity!  WHAT?!  Don't worry, the action reporting team, Tom Karismah and Frank McCallister of The Vagabloggers News Network bring you video documentation with all the details of this strange tale from the world of vagabonding...   

Well.  There you have it.  As Tom asked...  what do you think?  Is this a strange tale from the world of intentional homelessness and long-term international travel?  Or just an elaborate hoax?  Let us know you thoughts in the comments below.  

Are curious what types of things the Vagabloggers saw while wandering the art displays and the city of Indianapolis?  Never fear!  The Vagabloggers News Network was able to secure photos from this strange and amazing portion of their trip:

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