June 20, 2011 Posted by Josh in Thoughts

Weeding and Zen in Palisade Colorado

When I was younger, I developed a theory about weeding:  I felt that if you were bad enough to go to hell, the devil and his little helpers would simply make you pull weeds all day every day for the rest of eternity.  Yes, I hated weeding that bad.  Things have changed... but first, a little info about our current locale:

We're spending our time helping some new-found Couch Surfing friends at their beautiful orchard/farm in Palisade, Colorado.  This quaint little town is full of orchards, farms, vineyards and cottage-style homes.  The Grand Mesa sits just to the east and The Book Cliffs provide a fantastic backdrop to the north.  If you happen to be driving through Colorado on I-70 (near Grand Junction) this town is absolutely worth the stop. We spent the morning weeding and I came to an odd realization:  when weeding is done by choice and out of service, it becomes oddly freeing and quite meditative.  I enjoyed simply sitting on the ground, smelling the flowers, trees and plants.  I noticed the vast micro-economy existing within the soil and rocks.  I developed a rhythm and reveled in the moment.

It seems this same principle can apply to travel as well as many other aspects of life.  Do things by choice and live on purpose.  Slow down, soak in and observe.  Today, I'm happy that I weeded.

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