And so our journey begins...

The moment we've been working for is finally here.  It's still a little surreal and will take some time to sink in.  We've quit our jobs, bought a van, sold everything we could and donated the rest.  Our possessions have been thinned down to what we can fit in our backpacks and our van.

We're going to travel the country in our van and hope to take things international some time after that.  We'll be keeping our eyes and minds peeled for adventure, excitement and opportunities to volunteer as well (we'd love to hear your suggestions regarding available volunteer opportunities).

The plan from here?  Not to plan.  That's mostly it.  It's time to let life live.  We've spent the last several years feeling like we'd be happy just as soon as reach reach that next goal or future event.  We were always living for the future and forgot the present.  At the top of this website it states our motto:  "Every second is an adventure."  Our philosophy is that life is best lived when soaking it all in.  Whether that means taking the time to admire the details as you walk around your neighborhood or reveling in the sheer silence atop the highest peak you can find.

So... here's to the many adventures and experiences to come.  As Josh's Mom always says.... it's time to "Enjoy the Journey."

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