Street Painting in Kayenta

We were lucky enough to catch this cool little Festival that takes place every year in the a little art village called Coyote Gulch located in Kayenta in Southern Utah. Several artists came from all over to create some amazing works of art. The really amazing part of all of this was realizing that each and every one of these art pieces were only temporary. At least they'll live on in this video:
We had a great time and actually camped right across the street from Kayenta at a newly developed climbing area called Shotgun Alley.  Here's a quick little tour of where we stayed:
How was the climbing?  Actually pretty good.  The rock is a very hard and sharp conglomerate, which means it's one of the few places you can actually climb shortly after it rains in Southern Utah (most climbing crags in the area are sandstone, which means the holds may break if they're wet).  We happened to meet the two guys responsible for developing the area as well.  They had come to check and tighten the bolts and were more than willing to show us the best climbs as well.  Interesting fact:  most of the climbs in Shotgun Alley are either named after Primus songs (My favorite route was Mr. Krinkle (5.11a)) or are references from How I Met Your Mother. Just a few more pics from the Festival:
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