We will tell you a tale...

On a particularly amazing Sunday afternoon, Meisha and I set out to venture into the wilderness:
We came to a trail.  The trail led deep into the Red Mountains.  Meisha looked upon the trail and pondered: "Shall we venture into these treacherous Red Mountains?"  We agreed that we were up for the challenge, and so our adventure began.
We grew tired quickly and stopped in the shade to complain.
The trail was boring.  Look at it.....
But then.....
We made it to the top.  And we beheld the beautiful beauty of some big ol' cliffs.
We hiked a little farther...
and came upon the perfect camping spot.  Here's Meisha showing it off:
We set up our tent....
....and took a little video:
After camp was set up, we decided to hike some more.
Meisha said "Hey dude, climb down to that rock.  It would make you super sexy!"  and of course, I agreed.
So I put on my manly hat and started climbing.
It was real scary, but I am a man... a sexy man... so I had to do it.
"Is this good?"  I asked.  "Quit being a pussy!"  Meisha exclaimed.  My manhood was hurt.  It was hurt real bad.
"How about here?" I said.  "Give me a sexy pose and work it like you've got a pair!"  Meisha replied.
"IS THIS BETTER?" I yelled.  "It'll do."  She said.
Then Meisha demonstrated the proper way to pose:
Then Meisha said "Let's climb over there!" .... "But how will we get there?" I asked.
"I don't know."  She replied.  "Let's ask the beetle...."
So we did.  He told us he would consult the lizard tracks for an answer.
He looked and looked, but found no answer.
We thanked him for his time and decided to head back to camp.
I love trees, so I had to take a picture of one on the way back:
...which made me want to hug one.
"Look!  On yonder horizon!  Me thinks I see an evil spirit coming this way!"  I shouted.
"Dont be a dork.  Just start the fire already."  Meisha told me.
Then we made a delicious dinner.
The sun began to set.
And a flaming demon began to rise out of the fire!
Meisha started looking a little strange and my paranoia set in....
Things got very dark and we were enveloped in flames.
Meisha became possessed and started circling around me.
Little demon spawn started leaping out of the fire!
Things began to blur and the city started to fade away.
Suddenly, we were consumed in hellfire and we died.
the end_
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